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Live Drawing: Birth

Clinic Presents: Birth at the Amersham.
Here are some photos from the night of our drawings and of friend of mine, George Collum, eating fish fingers at some girls house afterwards.

We had a big white wall to draw on, it was kind of chalky which was a bit annoying but we overcame that and did some stuff.

Our idea was to have a big bang in the middle and work outwards from that, allowing us quite a big scope for whatever we wanted to do.

Our guest collaborator Thomas Slater's portrait was a crowd favourite.

Will accidentally drew this girl.

The finished thing - I feel sorry for whoever has to clean it off.

Will celebrating a nights hard work...

We found this cool looking sauna.
As promised in the start...

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a way bigger turn out than I expected.
Until next time!
- Sam



This is kind of late notice but we're doing another live drawing with Clinic on Thursday (07/10/10) at the Amersham Arms, New Cross. This time the theme is birth (which could be disgusting).

Our line up is: Charlie, Kyle, Sam, Will and guest badboy Thomas Slater.

Check out the Facebook page.


Liverpool 2010

We (Comic Assault) were asked (by the Clinic presents) to do some illustrations in front of bands and poets as part of the Liverpool biennial at a new space in Liverpool, The Cooperative.

It was an early exit from London, 6am on the free bus to Victoria, then a 5 hour coach ride to Liverpool.

The line up for 'the gig' was myself, Charlie and Kyle. As Will and Colm couldn't make it, we enlisted some back-up guys, Matt Hay and Ross Bennett.

The coach was horrible, 5 hours of listening to girls talk about how good a Topshop is in Liverpool and fake tan. Actually, it was pretty cool.

One of them actually said:
"It was well suriel but real.
And I could see her face! But it wasn't her."

First stop upon arrival, Cafe Nero.

Then we did some sightseeing around the dock area.

This massive anchor was super cool.

The Maritime museum is rad, loads of models of ships like the Titanic.

Captain of the Titanic and his mandems. Only one survived.

This was the venue, yes it is covered in stupid ribbons.

It had a nice art space and a grotty undercover, dive bar, hell zone for us to draw in whilst bands performed.

Free tea and coffee, bless it.

We went on the roof.

We were going to draw on big plastic sheets in front of the band.

After about an hour we had made this big mess for everyone to see, some people filmed it, hopefully thatll be online soon.

Then this band played with a girl frolicking all over the floor.

On the way to some club we walked past this intercontinental room.

Next morning we went for a fry-up at Maggie May's.

Then back to the Marytime Museum for an exhibition about slaves.

Basi killing it in the 010.

These are behind the scenes photo we had taken for Clinic.

The assotate looks good in the sunlight.

Graffiti in Liverpool is disgusting.

Look how expensive this guitar is! Charlie went in and asked for a go but they denied him.

Kyle was stoked on this zombie doing an alien autopsy.

More sightseeing, in the Tate Liverpool.

Rad - 12" pizza and a beer for £5.

It was kind of like being abroad in a really shit country with good pizza.
The place we stayed was near this nice building.

On the second night we were on at 1am after loads of free booze and some poets.

Vile Kyle.

Night-time rooftop action. Spying on the tarts going into clubs.
Rachel is one of the poets we did drawings on top of.

I forgot the guys name but he made models in the gallery space upstairs, they're cool.

The second nights worked. It was more together than the previous nights.
More colour etc...

I slipped in loads of Earth Pain, SE5, Leicester and guns.

I think someone was taking 'proper photos', maybe someone from Clinic did.
This was at about 3 in the morning and we had to get our coach at 7.45 the next day.

Kyle really wanted to go to this pub across the road, because of the female attire and the karaoke that was pumping out onto the street.

7.45 in the morn. The 5 hour coach ride back to London.

Thanks to Clinic for inviting us to do this.
Hopefully we will collaborate more in the future.