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Live Drawing: Birth

Clinic Presents: Birth at the Amersham.
Here are some photos from the night of our drawings and of friend of mine, George Collum, eating fish fingers at some girls house afterwards.

We had a big white wall to draw on, it was kind of chalky which was a bit annoying but we overcame that and did some stuff.

Our idea was to have a big bang in the middle and work outwards from that, allowing us quite a big scope for whatever we wanted to do.

Our guest collaborator Thomas Slater's portrait was a crowd favourite.

Will accidentally drew this girl.

The finished thing - I feel sorry for whoever has to clean it off.

Will celebrating a nights hard work...

We found this cool looking sauna.
As promised in the start...

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a way bigger turn out than I expected.
Until next time!
- Sam



This is kind of late notice but we're doing another live drawing with Clinic on Thursday (07/10/10) at the Amersham Arms, New Cross. This time the theme is birth (which could be disgusting).

Our line up is: Charlie, Kyle, Sam, Will and guest badboy Thomas Slater.

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